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I'm not quite sure how to enable it. There's a feature which allows you to quick reply to posts without being redirected to a new webpage to post. It makes it easier to flow with the post and quickly reply to multiple posts. - Feature Added

I know people love their post count on forums to stop spam and multiple posts in a row on a single thread there's an option to combine string posts together to prevent post count boosting and long/extended threads from posts that could be a quick edit into the original post.

Spoilers, pretty much you add spoiler tags around text or an image and it'll hide it prompting users to press a "show" button to show the text/image. This is useful for posts with a lot of images or gameplay threads where you don't want to spoil something to a new player who may not be that far into the game.

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[spoiler] and [/spoiler] to create a spoiler
Note: Spoiler doesn't work as of the creation of this post, code box is to future proof this post for when spoilers are added
► Show Spoiler
- Feature Added

I can't think of anything else at the moment but when I do I'll add them here.
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