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Stream Rules

Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:48 am

The rules here are pretty simple to follow, and are all there for good reason. Just keep them in mind and you'll be fine. Know that this is a mature stream that includes vulgar language and sometimes vulgar themes.

- Respect myself, my mods, other viewers, and guest of the stream at all times.
- Do not ask for mod. Mods are strictly my friends and - people I trust.
- Do not suggest games unless asked for suggestions.
- Don't brag about having an ad blocker. That basically means you don't support free entertainment and I don't like you (also it will get you instantly timed out).
- No spamming, creeper faces, colored text, or general stupidness.
- Absolutely no links, without permission from the Mods or Me.
- Do not whine about being wrongfully banned. If you are banned, it was likely for a good reason.
- Why aren't you playing with [INSERT FAMOUS YOUTUBER/STREAMER]?!! This stream isn't about them, is it? So knock it off.
- Caps are okay to use, in moderation. Spamming them excessively will result in a timeout/ban.
- Spoilers (including fake joking ones) will get you banned.
- No backseat gaming. I understand that many of you may want to try and help, but you're coming off controlling. I'll ask for help when I need it ;)

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